The library at APDC is designed to assist students who find it important to determine the state of the Law. Library at any law school is its lifeline and APDC has managed to create a library comparable to the best anywhere else. A well-stocked and updated library is a pre-requisite and a significant part for providing knowledge at all levels of legal education. ACL library is fully air-conditioned and has a large collection of books related to law and pre-law. With its modern and updated collection of knowledge resources and advanced information services, the library plays a significant role for the academicians in their intellectual pursuits.

Objectives of APDC Knowledge Resource Centre:

  1. To provide an ideal environment for the institute academic community.
  2. To provide a top-drawer information storage and retrieval center.
  3. To provide assistance to budding legal professionals and faculty members in their teaching activity by assuring availability of excellent research resources.
  4. To provide the benefit of information technology to the legal society.

The library operations are automated using Juno Campus ERP Software. This ERP has a feature of integrated library system which enables the library user to search the book database by Title, Author, Publication etc. Asian Law College library conducts orientation program for new users in order to make the students self-sufficient when it comes to searching relevant books, articles, papers etc. The library has huge collection of reference books and text books. In addition to the rich collection of national and international authors books its collection of projects, thesis, reports etc. is also commendable. In order to sharpen the legal reasoning and logical thinking of the students, the library has subscription of periodical journals which are legal and socio-legal in nature. The importance of being aware of national and international events and knowledge about latest news remains the most important factor when it comes to being successful in the competitive examinations and in order to assist the students in the library has subscription to 10 daily Newspaper of State and National level.

Library is administered by the Librarian as well as Assistant Librarian in addition to the technical staff. The Library Advisory Committee takes full responsibility of administration of the library and at the inception of each semester, the committee welcomes the recommendation with regard to books, journals, magazines etc. of each and every faculty in order to keep the knowledge treasure updated and lively for students as well as faculty members.